Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To – Spring Blooms

How To by Jennifer Crone
It’s spring in Miami and while we wish we could skip the April showers the weather is gorgeous! Spring is the time of growth and renewal and that means flowers too. With so many beautiful spring blooms, how do you choose which are right for your wedding? Here’s How To:
When choosing flowers consider the following elements:

Smell – Flowers that are too pungent will overpower everything else when in abundance. You don’t want to give guests a headache or mask the smell of your food. Just as you would use unscented candles, flowers with little smell are better.

Longevity – A flower that wilts quickly (i.e. a hibiscus) will just not do. You don’t want the flowers shriveling up by the time your toasts are done. Also many flowers shed when they begin to wilt.

Toxicity – Some flowers are extremely toxic if ingested. Keep these flowers out of a wedding with children present.

Here are some popular spring blooms:

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What to do with all those beautiful blooms after the wedding and reception? Donate them! Go to Flower Power Foundation for more information.

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