Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To – Create Your Guest List

How To by Jennifer Crone

Wanting to celebrate your love and commitment amongst friends and family is appropriate and understandable, but paying additional thousands of dollars for your dad’s golf buddies might break the bank. How do you cut your guest list down to save costs without offending? Here’s How To:
A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t seen someone in 5 years or more they don’t get an invite. You may have paddled in the pool with them in your undies, but if they’ve been absent from you life this long they probably shouldn’t be included in your wedding.

Work friends: If you or your fiance work at a large company don’t feel the need to invite everyone. Etiquette doesn’t call for it and neither does cost! Choose the few coworkers who you are closest to or keep it simple and don’t include any. DON’T invite all but a few coworkers, which singles people out and is not appropriate.

Parents: If your parents are contributing to the cost of your wedding they will have a say in who is invited. Regardless, try to keep their friends who aren’t your friends to a minimum. It’s not necessary to invite your grooms mother’s bridge club or your father’s college buddies. Kindly ask your parents to choose a few friends they would like to attend your wedding and cap it at that.

Children: Children may or may not be an issue in your guest list, but having a “no children” policy will help keep your guest list and your costs down. If a child is old enough to have his or her own chair they will be charged for a full meal even if they don’t eat. A nice way to let guests know you’re having a child free wedding is to watch your wording on your invites and have your bridal party spread the word that you are having a child free wedding and aren’t excluding any particular child.

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1.Create your guest list before going to look at venues. Each venue has a minimum and a maximum head count, so this will shorten what may be an overwhelming list.

2.If you want to have a small wedding and are worried about offending extended family and friends explain to them that your venue has a cap and as much as you would love them to be a part of your day your venue doesn’t allow.

3.If many friends will be excluded from your small wedding host a party after your day at your home or favorite local spot to celebrate with them all!

If creating your guest list becomes overwhelming and stressful remember to breath. Take a moment away with just you and your fiance to think about what’s important to you and who you want to share your day with.

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