Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To – Hawaiian Inspired Wedding

How To by Jennifer Crone

So you love Hawaii. Maybe you got engaged there, loved your childhood vacation there, or are planning on honeymooning on one of the gorgeous islands. How can you incorporate your love for all things Hawaii into your wedding without having a cheesy luau? Here’s How To:
Having a basket at your reception door full of fake leis is not elegant. But how can you create a Hawaiian feel without the cheese? Use the things that give you the feel of Hawaii while having the elegant wedding of your dreams.
The most spectacular and memorable part of Hawaii for me was the beautiful sunset night after night. Take a cue from those colors with warm pinks and oranges. These colors are also prominent in native flowers. Orchids, birds of paradise, and plumeria are beautiful and succulent flowers that say tropics. Choose your favorite one or a combination and create the lush feel of Hawaii with bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and cake decor. For bridesmaid dresses think these brights and use the rich rain forest greens as an inspiration for the accent colors.

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You can serve pork instead of a beef option but skip the Hawaiian tradition of a Luau in which they cook the full pig in an underground oven. Instead try pork marinated with pineapple or stuffed with cucumber. Take a cue from the tropical fruits of Hawaii and serve mango and pineapple during your cocktail hour. Serve a caprese salad that substitutes mango for tomatoes. How about a signature mango cocktail? Refreshing and delicious!

You don’t have to ask your guests to travel to the islands to attend your Hawaiian inspired wedding. Choose your nearest coast to hold your nuptials on the beach or look into garden venues where you can get the lush greenery and enjoy the sunset. For your bridal party gifts and guest favors look to the symbols of Hawaii. Honor your bridesmaids with jewelry in the exotic black coral, the official gem of Hawaii. The eternal flame, located on Honolulu, is a symbol of Hawaii that also signifies love. Give guests candles as favors with a hang tag explaining the significance.

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